#PoeticAsides: Day 13 – Nevermore


Over at Poetic Asides, today’s prompt is to write about an animal. For extra credit, we could write a sestina. I am just feeling crazy enough to pull it off. The sestina has six stanzas, all six lines long, with a final three-line envoy.

A, B, C, D, E, F represent the end words of the 6 lines of the first stanza.

Stanza One: A, B, C, D, E, F
Stanza Two: F, A, E, B, D, C
Stanza Three: C, F, D, A, B, E
Stanza Four: E, C, B, F, A, D
Stanza Five: D, E, A, C, F, B
Stanza Six: B, D, F, E, C, A

Envoi: uses two end-words per line (with three lines total) with one word appearing in the middle of the line and the other word still being utilized as an end word.


Ravens (Photo credit: Douglas Brown)

When Tomorrow Comes

By: Meena Rose

Brilliantly black and royally plumed;
Your gaze, intent and defiant;
The ask, the dare, the invite,
Is made crystal clear;
I take a deep breath and leap
Into bottomless onyx eyes.

The world within, a feast for eyes;
No longer human, I am plumed;
A shawl of wings, I take the leap
And soar, bewildered first then defiant;
My identity is no longer clear;
Kindred Raven, thank you for the invite.

I caw and mind laugh, the invite
Demands surrender and fearless eyes;
This much has become clear;
To be among the plumed,
Shed you anchors, break the shackles – defiant;
The grandest spiritual leap.

Filled with joy, transformed by the leap;
I extend you an invite
To explore the other side, defiant
And proud, come see it with your eyes
Winged friends so colorfully plumed;
That is not real is not very clear.

Look upon the pond, so pristine, so clear;
Watch all the others surrender and leap;
With each an escort royally plumed;
Have to go, sky tango, just got the invite;
Don’t look at me with those can’t believe it eyes;
Fine, call me defiant.

Oh, so now who is defiant?
It has become very clear,
Your very real eyes
Will never take a chance and leap;
Kindred Raven’s open invite;
Still brilliantly black and royally plumed.

Emotionally defiant, the grandest leap,
Spiritually clear, the open invite,
Fearless eyes, royally plumed.

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