#30x30Poetry: Day 13 – Forgetfulness

A Rose In Bloom
Photo Credit: Meena Rose

Over at 30×30 Poetry, today is all about forgetfulness. So much so, I almost forgot to respond to the prompt.

Of Things Remembered

By: Meena Rose

Try as I might to live
Life by Covey’s four quadrants
Or Allen’s GTD, things tumble
And fall and collect right
There between my wall and the bed.

Try as I might to lead
A more mindful life, present
And in the moment, my mind travels
Away from the moment chasing after
A butterfly – did I just miss something?

Try as I might to reflect
And grow deeper and chart
My soul path, my journals
Are incomplete and the data points
Are skewed – how could I forget life is good?

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3 thoughts on “#30x30Poetry: Day 13 – Forgetfulness

  1. Meena, sorry it’s been so long. I’ve not been very “present” between Nina (and of course Riley, who’s channeling it all into her work), and Holy Week as a music minister.

    So this poem really touched me. It spoke to exactly where I am at this moment, talk about synchronicity, I must have channeled my need to you…! Even everyday like, the GTD (which I never do because WAIT I HAVE TO WRITE…) and the organization and mindfulness… If any sage looked inside my mind, I would look like my desk. Thanks and peace, friend. Amy

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