Poetic Horticulture – A Message Through Time #FWF


Over at Poetic Bloomings today, the prompt has us contemplate gardening/gardens. Over at Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday, we have an image prompt showing an envelop hinting at a hidden message.

Organic Thought

No! No! No!
She savagely denied
The news that this
Envelop represented.

It was Nana’s letterhead;
There was no mistaking it;
The jasmine scent, embossed
Seal, the handwriting.

Who would do this to her?
Who could be so cruel? Nana…
Sweet Nana had gone missing;
Declared dead and mourned.

They all moved on – not her;
She hung on wrapping tendrils of
Memory around many a wine glass;
Vines of bittersweet thought

And sorrow. The will. They all
Hated her for it – Nana left it
All to her, the clueless grandchild
In everyone’s eye. She hated them.

The air above the envelop shimmered
Catching her eye just so – perhaps
Just perhaps she allows herself to
Hope – perhaps Nana never died and

It was all a test and she, she wanted
Her back – the only one to have passed
The test – Yes, yes this had to be it
Were her thoughts as she tore it open.

Sweet Cassie,
This has been hard on you, sweet child.
The others do not understand what it
Means to be a Fairstrider. You do,
I have watched you since the day you were born.

Outside with you, Cassie. Go to our swing.
Are you sitting down now? Not now, dear one.
Go on, sit. You think I am here watching you.
I am not. I know you. We are of the same mold.

We, the Fairstriders, tend to the gardens of thought.
Not just yours and mine. All thought. We keep the
Soils fertile. We grow the muses on a tree. Some
Will be drawn to words. Some will be drawn to art.

A rare few would be drawn to poetry. Look about you.
Do you see the shimmer? The faintest of glimmers off
To the north east? Yes, that’s the muses growing thirsty.
Don’t hold back or there will be many a poet’s block.

Go out now. Mix and mingle. Laugh and giggle. They know
Pain. Teach them laughter. They know hurt. Teach them love.
They are shy and a skittish bunch. Socialize them.
Befriend them till they can earn a human’s trust.

Before her eyes, the letter disintegrated into glitter;
Falling playfully away from fingers, she could not
Resist the smile as she heard them call out
“Look over there! It’s the human muse, herself!”

8 thoughts on “Poetic Horticulture – A Message Through Time #FWF

      • Yes, that’s true. What’s often amazing to me is when we write something we believe to be merely filling space or barely adequate and then reread it months later to realize we don’t remember much, if anything about it, but find much to recommend it and the writer upon reexamination. Makes one wonder who really wrote it, sometimes.🙂

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