A Strand Of Sevenlings


Over at Poetic Bloomings, the prompt is to write about an unexpected event. Meanwhile, over at Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday, we have a quote prompt shown below. Again, I will respond to both prompts with one response.

She loved three things:
Life, wide open spaces,
And fresh air.

She hated three things:
Conflict, loud noises,
And crowds.

… She joined the revolution.

He craved three things:
World wide acclaim, money,
And a mansion.

He looked down upon
Progressives, liberals
And anarchists.

… He followed her into the revolution.

She stared at her reflection;
Sooty face, lackluster hair,
And eyes engulfed in flames.

The city still burned – one moon
Since the rally, one week since
The retaliation, one day since

… Her former self died.

At night, he was tormented by
The monikers of his former life;
The Play Boy, The Rain Maker, The Man.

By day, the revolutionaries rallied about
Him and hailed him as
The Strategist, The Commander, Miracle Man.

… His eyes were only for her.

She grew weary of the fight:
She averted eyes, she dragged feet,
And her salutes, no longer complete.

The internal dam burst:
Her tears flowed, her body shook,
And she screamed her angst.

… His lips upon hers, he absorbed it all.

9 thoughts on “A Strand Of Sevenlings

  1. What a rich imaginative write, Meena!! I also wrote to this FWF prompt…it’s so neat to see the directions that the same image can bring people in.🙂 I really like the structure you used within this piece…almost as tiny chapters.

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