The Fog of Surrealism


Over at Free Write Friday by Kellie Elmore, there is an image prompt that I am finding quite hard to resist. Over at Poetic Bloomings, the prompt is to write a poem about an item that has different names in different places, or in different situations. Of course, I am trying to respond to both.

Source: We Heart It

The Heart Of The Matter

By: Meena Rose

Webs bind and bonds form;
An invisible hand seemingly
At play and the intent,
Either lecherous or divine,
Depends on your point of view.

Innocent child and noble bear;
An alternate universe’s
Lucy Pevensie and Aslan;
Here to remind us to look at
Our world slightly askew and

Perhaps even with a squint;
Always with wonder and promise
Of something more – that something
Beyond that would liven the gray
And return full color to the land.

Lecherous or divine, I know not;
My reality consists of making
Rainbows so I can get busy
With the inevitable chase;
That necessary hunt in response

To someone who blew a horn ages
And ages ago in a long lost time
And in a place not so different
From this here and now – each a
Character in our own play and

Each with a hero’s journey ahead
Of us – will you walk your path
Or sit idly by? Will you eventually
Succumb as all heroes unwillingly do?
Inner child forgives responsibility bear.

One thought on “The Fog of Surrealism

  1. This is absolutely splendid, Meena. It does indeed speak to both spectrums and asks a few questions of the reader that could never have been anticipated.

    Lovely flow of words. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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