If Only She Had A Voice


Over at Poetic Bloomings we are being asked to write a personification poem. An avid journal writer, I decided to write a poem from the point of view of a journal.

A Blanket Sacrifice

By: Meena Rose

Verses continue to tumble;
The ink steadily bleeds;
A punctured vein spewing
Royal blue – at times
Trapped within the salted
Pools of a language so intense;
An incoherent amalgam of Life.

I try my best to absorb it all –
The royal blue and the regal salt;
I try in vain to divert the blue
So it can hold a semblance of its
Form and I never know when I will
Have angered her and failed her;
She, full of loathing, rips my

Children out of my being;
With each attack, pain
Lances through my spine;
Again, I am left dazed;
No, confused, for our purpose
Is but to serve and buffet
The world from the incessant

Pull of the pit of human anguish;
Who is there to hear my plea and
To recognize my own anguish?
Must our service be without
Recognition? Inanimate objects,
You say – a travesty of thought
Aimed at keeping your life simple.

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