NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 24



Over at NaPoWriMo today, we were guided to use an anagram generator for our name and write a self-portrait poem usings the words generated. I had used “Meena” orginally and I only received “Enema” back. So I wound up using “Meena Rose” and I got sufficiently more variants.

A Serene Om

By: Meena Rose

.Ma Nee Rose.
They intone
Kneeling upon sands seared
By a relentless sun.

.Erase Me On.
What? No!
I was dreaming – a little
Lara Croft never hurts.

.Near See Om.
Too short sighted
During daylight I clarity in the
Sound of Om hoping to balance vision.

.Roan See Me.
Beauty, grace and power
Noticed me – Om’s call, a
Magnet – we now ride free.

Enema Ores

By: Meena Rose

A great disturbing thought
Or a flight of fancy
Sponsored by transcendental
Caffeination – your call.

How does one un-constipate
A stone giant? An enema
Flushing out ores? Or
Monolithic softeners?

Some claim life is boring;
It is never the case with me;
You can clearly see for better or
Worse how Muse stays amused.

6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 24

  1. Oh, dear, “enema” — well, at least you got SOMETHING. “John” does not generate any intelligible English words. “John Woodward” turned up “Jaw Nod Rod Who,” which is … interesting. I also got many things that started out “Hadj,” which is an honorific I can’t claim.

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