NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 21


napofeature3Everything is A-OK as I contemplate NaPoWriMo‘s Day 21 prompt – a poem consisting of lines one might find in a fortune cookie. I am chuckling to myself over here as I have a collection of these from the last two years of Chinese take out. Sometime I arrange them into found poetry. I’ll toss in my “Fear of Fortune” photo prior to proceeding with the prompt.

Fear of Fortune Photo Credit: Meena Rose

Fear of Fortune
Photo Credit: Meena Rose

As The Cookie Crumbles

By: Meena Rose

If you are feeling down, stand up.
When the door opens, make the sure the window is closed.
If you are bored, try hanging a moon.

If you’re hungry, drink and if you’re thirsty, drink.
Your body is a temple, no shoes allowed and shirts maybe optional.
If you are trying too hard and failing, try too gentle for a change.

Next week, things will happen to you.
A lost connection or a new connection – any connection – will begin.
We think we covered work, school, family but sure left out the whacky public.

A flight of fancy is the cheapest ticket in town.
Jumping up and down while the Earth spins, you will get there someday.
Swift movement happens when standing still.

Fortune cookies are for edutainment purposes only.
Apparently, philosophy is for edutainment purposes only.
Edutain yourself when educating yourself fails.

If you have read this far, you have enough time to make yourself tea.
If you bailed a while back, the cake I baked is all for me.
There is a strong chance you will meet an alien today.

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