NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 17


NaProWriMo3Over at NaPoWriMo, we are asked to write a greeting poem. Given that Day 17 corresponds to Wednesday, it means I will be producing two poems in response to this prompt so I can offset the two I write on Tuesdays for Poetic Asides. This produces 16 poems a week during NaPoWriMo season.

To Life, With Love

By: Meena Rose

Welcome and step into
My embrace – I am smiling
Cheek to cheek, breathing;

My eyes glitter and gleam
As they’ve begun to take
You in – your full glory;

Always flowing forward,
You teach that there will
Be day after every night;

You teach the art of finding
Moments, glimpses, otherwise
Fleeting, now appreciated;

The gentle breeze, the kiss
Of sun upon brow, the song
Of nature as it rejoices;

The crashing waves, the demanding
Thunderclaps, the howl of storm
As nature ebbs in response to its flow;

I finally learned the lesson,
Life – here’s to a lasting
Embrace and a new tomorrow.

New Friendships

By: Meena Rose

Thank you for inviting me
To share the trail with you;
I hope I have much to offer
In this exchange for I feel

Life has already changed for me;
You genuine caring concern – unfiltered,
Exists and simply is – casting warmth
And happiness on one who had grown

Detached for a while – the welcome
Wagon of life is what I would call
You if I knew you would not blush
Yourself to discomfort – do watch out,

I may yet change my mind as I stop
To formally greet and welcome you
Into my now richer life – perhaps,
I do have something to offer;

A reminder of your own light when
The sun hides – a reminder of your
Compassion as we walk along;
Your eyes refusing to see.

7 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 17

  1. claudsy

    These are wonderful. Both intimate, both reassuring in their own right, both capturing all who find the words; isn’t that what a greeting should do. Terrific job, Meena. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

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