NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 16


NaProWriMo3Today at NaPoWriMo, we are asked to find a poem in a foreign language that we do not speak and “translate” into a poem based on the sounds that we read.

Here is my selection: Sink your fingers into the darkness of my fur by the Finnish poet Olli Heikkonen.

Upota sormet minun turkkini pimeyteen,
sillä minä olen metsän kruunattu valo.
Minun kruununi on juurakko
joka imee voimaa raa’asta mullasta.
Minun hengitykseni
lävistää lintujen höyhenpeitteen
ja kuorruttaa saniaiset huurteella.
Minä olen erehtymätön koneisto,
tikittävä viestintuoja ja nuoren leimikon tuoksu.
Joka ikinen yö jätän sorkanjälkiä
puutarhasi kuohkeaan multaan.
Joka ikinen yö kasvaa hengityksen pilvi.


By: Meena Rose

Upon the Summit minions darken plummeting,
So taking all medicine’s crowning value.
Minions crowned in Jericho
Jokingly chanting Rasta Mallasta.
Minions hanging skinny
Wash linens hypnotically
Changing sanity to hurt.
Taking all earth machines coining,
Ticketing and visiting the new Liming Towers.
Jokingly mocking and satanically cursing
Placing conniving mutants.
Joking mockingly and hanging skinny, pilfer.

8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 16

  1. claudsy

    Oh, my courageous friend. I haven’t yet grabbed the bravery of this challenge. It is yet to come, but I can use your example of how to play this translation game, given time soon.

    Whether any of the translated words are accurate doesn’t matter. What you wrote is oddly mesmerizing, though I can’t say why.

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