NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 14


napofeature3Over at NaPoWriMo our challenge today is to write a persona poem. This means writing the poem in the voice of a superhero/super villain. Of course, a myriad of ideas flashed in front of my eyes from Shaft to Blade, Batman to Spider-Man, all the way to Yoda himself. I went out of my to take a “Superhero” Personality quiz. It turns out that I am “Wonder Woman”.

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern

Of course though, the source of inspiration for this poems is someone else completely.

Lock and Load

By: Meena Rose

Telepathic, telekinetic, enigmatic;
Yes, that’s me – afraid to look me
In the eye? Afraid that I will see
How you have fallen for me?

I am a mystery that takes a while
To unwrap – do I see you checking the
Time? Do my blade of psychic energy
Scare you? I have it under control.

No, I am not Jean Grey nor Kwannon. The
Hand saved me, changed me – Does that
Bother you? This amalgam of miss identity?
Do my origins scare you?

Poet’s Note: I was referring to Psylocke who served a big tour of duty with Marvel Comics and I really hope she gets her own movie – much like wolverine.



8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 14

  1. claudsy

    I have to admit that I know little to nothing of Marvel Comics and that’s okay by me. I do, however, find this snippet about her, this poem fancinating. This could be a character than I could get interested in.

    Thanks, Meena, for the introduction.

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