NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 10


Over at NaPoWriMo, we are being asked to write an un-love poem or a sarcastic dislike poem. This not to be confused with a hate poem. Today, I have two offerings: one an un-love poem and another possibly “regular” dislike poem (you be the judge and let me know where it falls).

For She Who Shall Remain Nameless

By: Meena Rose

One of these days, I’d love
For you to show me how
You stab in the back.

My back, mind you, can we
Replay it in slow motion?
I want to relish the sinking

Feeling that I’d been had
As you vacantly smile and
Look on with vapid eyes.

To The Passenger In Seat 9E

By: Meena Rose

So, it’s just a manic Monday and
We both wish it were Sunday.

I get it, you are as pissed to
Be sitting next to me as I am you.

I know it, the look of disdain
You aimed at me “Uncultured cow”.

Your business card shows, I am
Laughing within; joke’s on you.

Tomorrow the tables will turn and you’ll
Kiss my ass to make me sign the deal.

I see you there hungrily eyeing the apple;
Sink your teeth into it “Cultured pig”.

We may be sitting side by side
Yet, many leagues separate us.

You with your posh style
And me in my denims.

Business ought to be unbiased;
Tomorrow, it won’t be, on Jenkins road.

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