NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day 6



Over at NaPoWriMo, today’s challenge is to write a Valediction. The Valediction as I have just come to learn is a poem of farewell.

Valediction 2013

By: Meena Rose

To the quiet subdued girl,
Who hugged shadows and
Dreaded attention which as
Best as she could tell
Forewarned of pain, anguish and
Certain fear. With the same
Breath, she hoped for it.

Every once in a while
She would catch a ray of
Light which seemed meant
Just for her – that was
Worth it; all of it – the
Pain, fear and tears. When
Her sails caught Light’s breeze,

The reward was a piece of peace
Which she jaggedly stitched
Together growing it from patch
To stole. It hung around her
Imbuing her with serenity and
Fortitude – a homemade sanity
Beacon, a lighthouse for soul.

To that girl, even as I bid you
Farewell today for having carried
Me forth so far, please understand
It is your time to rest and mine
To bloom. The Universe has provided
In its most benevolent way ample
Friendship and loved ones. Now it is

Time for me to learn to live among the
Living and embrace some of the foreign
Practices it demands. My voice, our
Voice, will forever be heard and celebrated;
Recognized for its unique accent and for
Its story – a testament to human compassion, it
Lives on and always will – someone else’s ray of Light.

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