Poetry Sunday and Bloomings


God's Calling

We come again to the beginning–or the end–of our week and that means poetry. Poetic Bloomings Prompt #89 has an interesting challenge for us today. They want us to use the following words in our poem BUT none of these words must appear; a wordle with a twist. Synonym time has arrived. I hope you enjoy it.

Words to use: challenge, common, mask, skill, origin, love, night, drink, beauty, death

La Muerte

Along life’s path
Gauntlets are flung
At our feet, picked up
At our will with communal
Knowledge of possible outcomes.

We look for the exquisite,
A thirst-quenching sip
For parched souls.

Behind facades peered,
Seeking the source of our needs
Satisfied by momentary passion,
And in a moment’s flushed heat
We cry out well-versed lines

To someone within range who
Might remember us long
After la muerte visits.

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