November PAD 2012 – Day 15


Day 15 at PAD  is all about tradeoffs: a forfeit, an exchange, a swap. I am not sure about you but when I read a prompt, my mind launches an internal dialog that goes something like this: “Huh? What? Come again! Seriously, how am I even supposed to respond to that?” As a poet, I just smile through this phase fully knowing that I will be settling in for some kind of response.

English: Mist early in the morning. Bolu provi...

English: Mist early in the morning. Bolu province / Turkey Français : La brume de l’aube. Province de Bolu, Turquie. Bolu/Turkey Featured Picture February 2008 (Turkish Wikipedia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Countless Shades of Gray

By: Meena Rose

Some people rely on
Clean cut lines isolating
Black from White;
I thrive on Gray.

Black and White,
Uncompromising absolutes;
A world swirling with potential.

In the land of absolutes
Even a nose hair seems to
Be in agreement over what to do;
There are no tradeoffs.

In the sea of changing potential
Where desires define initiative,
Tradeoffs are born. Where else
But in this realm of possibility

Do you even consider to bargain
For more? Or where you have
Convinced yourself to expect
More that settling for less

Triggers convulsions and rage
At life for it’s audacity
For making you settle?
The very act of settling

Strikes discord within a
Forever seeking soul.
I understand the game but
Will always challenge it.

So, keep your Black and White
And give me my Gray while
I negotiate this seeking
Soul’s next adventure.

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