November PAD – Day 11: Timeless Timeliness


For today’s prompt, write a timely poem and/or a timeless poem.



Timeless Timeliness

By: Meena Rose

which part of history is timeless
and which is timely?
its lessons were once thought
to be etched in stone but
now they are withered
and aged and misunderstood
by this generation of man.

we repeat our tendency
to wage chaos and aid disruption;
we persevere in our battles
against ideology where measures
of progress do not exist;
we rely on the words
“bring it on”

to shape much of our destiny;
people seem to be wiser
while society lags behind;
pigs and chickens provide
the best metaphors for
commitment but I am afraid
those are just breakfast now

in this day and age where people
ignore “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”
and question “honesty is the best policy”
and debate “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”;
instead we YOLO and carpe diem and
keep massive bucket lists
but to what end?


November PAD – Day 10: Chasing Trouble


For today’s prompt, write a (blank) trouble poem.



Chasing Trouble

By: Meena Rose

Blue yin yang

Blue yin yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the yin and yang of it says
that a childhood spent
hugging the wall and blending
with dusty drapes
an adulthood spent
chasing trouble and embracing
it with arms wide open
and a heart that can race
like a horse and hold its breath
at the same time
and a wry grin as you enjoy
the inside joke of your life’s
fully knowing and accepting
risk despite self admonition
and hanging out on limbs
while everyone and I mean
everyone is not willing
to join you in your
windmill joust
Don Quixote
has nothing on you
and many years later
you find yourself
grateful for mandatory
reading lists at school
every story arc
intersects with your
life as you Siskel and Ebert
mankind while inking your
own story with action


November PAD – Day 9: Nothing Better To Do


For today’s prompt, write a current events poem.



Nothing Better To Do

By: Meena Rose

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

than have history repeat itself
let’s shift the blame
from actor to alleged playwright
we are so good at that

the demonizing routine
fear and righteousness
tighten their tendrils
and squeeze

our breath catches
heart skips a beat
a momentary death
resolving into a choice

fear or courage
anger or enthusiasm
sadness or joy
apathy or empathy

don’t believe me?
look for yourself
ebola mania as it plays
itself out on TV

precaution overpowers science
guilt by association
is the name of this game
have you been to Africa

I hear them ask as though the
whole continent is under quarantine
vigilance is good
not when it’s a blind routine

yes, history has nothing better to do
but repeat itself in a land
where race is a loaded concern
and feminism rises again like the phoenix


November PAD – Day 8: My Choice


For today’s prompt, write a blind poem.


My Choice

By: Meena Rose

Perspective Photo Credit: Meena Rose

Photo Credit: Meena Rose

some would insist
that I’m in denial
while others claim
that I’m naive

I’m their mirror after all
with a ton of bias and
that’s not a fault
just life’s lessons

I have blinded myself to hate
that which I cannot see
I cannot reflect
a sentiment I have long hung on to

gaze upon me and I will
show you your humanity
bodies cracking
not broken

just on the verge
of bursting forth
with light
within each a sun

and a Heaven and Hell
and Middle Earth
gaze upon me and I will
show you that you’re

a Hershey’s kiss
the progenitor of a cosmos
delicately powerful
frighteningly beautiful

exquisite and sublime
gaze upon and learn
how to polish your own mirror
in service of mankind


November PAD – Day 7: Under Compulsion


For today’s prompt, write a compulsion poem.

Tending the Earth Photo Credit: Meena Rose

Tending the Earth
Photo Credit: Meena Rose


Under Compulsion

By: Meena Rose

it is strange this go around
it feels like I am writing alone
producing verse into the void
where no #hashtag can make it go viral

not even localized exposure

I’ve tirelessly tweeted, liked and pinned
even commented
and yet, to each their personal churn and
to each their fight against the dimming of the light

is it the angst of the midterm hangover?

or have my kith and kin of verse been embroiled
in their own battles?
silence, merely a reminder of
a conversation yet to happen

is it life’s clock accelerating?

still, I feel compelled to release these words
into the void and let them
succumb to the push and pull
of meteorites

I house a muse

she absorbs life and expels creation
seasoned with metaphor
she consumes emotion and
shapes the passion

may she remain hungry


November PAD – Day 6: To Scotty McMillan


For today’s prompt, write a happy now poem.



Scott McMillan May you rest in peace

Scott McMillan
May you rest in peace

To Scotty McMillan

By: Meena Rose

Sweet boy, where do I begin? I am stunned, shocked and speechless. I am a ball of rage that tightens with each breath. Then I remember, we all need each other to heal.

I am sorry on behalf of mankind;
I am sorry that we broke a sacred trust;

I am sorry that no one came to help;
I am sorry that they just watched you die;

I am sorry;

I hope you made it to the land of Peter Pan
Where your laughter can ring true;

I hope your pain becomes a distant memory as
You fly towards the sun;

I see you soar straight to Heaven’s door;
So much more out there for you to explore;

For us here back on Earth,
Your song will never end;

My deepest wish is that you are happy now
Amongst the angels and the light;

I light a candle for you tonight
Knowing that Ryan will never be alone at night;

I light a candle for you tonight
Knowing that your song will never end;

Celestial stream, spiritual gleam;
Gentle rain, kiss of snow;

Caress of sun, laughter of wind;
Soothing balm, eternal calm.


November PAD – Day 5: Keep This Idea


For today’s prompt, use “Keep This” as part of the title of the poem.


English: By Rembrandt.

English: By Rembrandt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Keep This Idea

By: Meena Rose

that’s right
take it and hold it
marinate in it

inhale it
engulf it with your eyes
taste it

be still with it
shut out the world
feel it

did you listen to it?
hear its promise?
seize its potential?

did you whisper back to it?
acknowledge it?
embrace it?

well then, you deemed it bad
for your sake

let’s hope
it was


November PAD – Day 4: Hero-She-Not


For today’s prompt, write a hero poem.


Image Courtesy of TuneWiki Words Courtesy of Meena Rose

Image Courtesy of TuneWiki
Words Courtesy of Meena Rose


By: Meena Rose

Forever branded
Trapped by destiny.

Saved everyone
Yet failed herself.

Sister, aunt
Wife, mother, friend.

Wept while
No one watched.

In stress,
Breathe out love.

Inhaled slowly
Remembering her mantra.

Healing gift,
Her personal curse.


November PAD – Day 3: Thelma’s Blankets


For today’s prompt, write a blanket poem.


Recycled Sari Silk Yarn Photo Credit: Meena Rose

Recycled Sari Silk Yarn
Photo Credit: Meena Rose


Thelma’s Blankets

By: Meena Rose

she knit one blanket after the next
weaving strands of her heart

the made in China stuff would not do for her
as she wove her soul and prayers into each stitch

knit three, purl two, knit three
variegated yarn shifting and shaping

a chaotic pattern held captive
by steady discipline and routine practice

her hands were never idle and she knit
even as her eyesight failed her

she told me
keep your hands busy and you will always be free


November PAD – Day 2: Connection Reignited


For today’s prompt, write a together again poem.


Connection Reignited

By: Meena Rose

LL Stubb Stewart State Park Photo By: Meena Rose

LL Stubb Stewart State Park
Photo By: Meena Rose

drifts happen
almost inevitably

earthly commitments
a stream of demands

steadily insert a gap
separation from the Source

a chasm that widens gradually
such is the way of

spirit tectonics

is there a big bang
or a soundless sigh

I’ve wondered
when despite the distance

messages from the beyond
continuously arrive

offering calm reassurance
such is the way of

spirit tectonics

I wonder no more
for my chasm collapsed

a thunderous bang
enveloped by the sweetest caress

tears of reunion flow
as I am reminded

I have always been home
such is the way of

spirit tectonics