WIP Update – Halfway There

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for joining me on your Holiday weekend. I want to give you all an update on what I’ve been working on these past few weeks. I have started writing a book of prose/poetry that has the current working title “A Flame Through The Heart Of Rose”.

This book will have 12 chapters as well as an introduction and conclusion. I am happy to report that I have written the introduction and the first 6 chapters. I am targeting the end of June to have the first draft of this book completed. Then the editing cycle will begin.

I also have 5 other books as planned WIP that I can pull from as I finish the first draft.

Till the next update!

Meena Rose

Words, Post Election
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3rd Wednesday: I Surrender

Hello Everyone,

I have so many writing updates to share with you but they will have to wait till next Saturday. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you Reclaim Your Bliss (RYB). RYB is a business that I’ve recently launched where I offer coaching and healing work. In addition, I maintain another blog over there. Do visit and check it out. At RYB, I will be blogging about the topics of self-care, being and mindfulness, and walking the Path.

Without further ado, here is this month’s 3rd Wednesday poem.

I Surrender

By: Meena Rose

I learned. It was hard.
A much needed lesson
For this time and place.

Two sides of a coin.
Always. Oblique angles
& learning go
Hand in hand.

To not lose, smoothly release.
To not give up, sigh your surrender.
To not shrink, sublimely let go.

I am simply being.
Teaching as I live.
Living as I learn.

Fortune favors the listener.
Always. Paradigm shifts
& living go
Hand in hand.

Grace, a reward for trusting.
Joy, a reward for gratitude.
Bliss, a reward for intention.

Claudsy’s Blog—Playing for Solutions

digital visualization of a chessboard

One of the things I’ve discussed over the years has been playing games and doing puzzles. For all the fun they provide to players, they also provide an opportunity to come up with solutions or problems a person might have.

For writers, Muse tends to hide in the shadows until the conscious mind is focused elsewhere. Then, she’ll pop out and waves a tiny red flag that her person either sees or ignores. With a bit of practice in watching for that flag of innovation, the writer can destress and find creative solutions to writing problems simultaneously.

Here’s how it works.

Sit down to any kind of game or puzzle—in the material world or the computer—with others or alone. Allow your mind to lose focus on your current story problem and gain focus on the game at hand. Relax.

5b6-052714-akpAs you play, your subconscious mind still holds onto the story problem—or whatever problem you’ve been saddled with lately. Soon little images or song snippets will begin to seep into your conscious mind. Perhaps you have the radio/stereo on while you’re at play. Even better. Music is a strong memory trigger, which can be channeled for creative purposes.

Don’t force anything. Just allow the process to unfold. Pay attention to the red flags; a new character appears—one surrounded by conflict or comedic relief. You might see a tool or device to eliminate info dump of backstory through dialogue between current characters. Along the way you might gain a new plot twist that actually incorporates the problem you’re trying to solve.

Whatever happens, you can return to writing with a fresh perspective. That, in itself, can be a boon to the story.

What if you aren’t a writer?

The process can work for anyone, on nearly any type of problem. Solutions are merely relaxed perspectives coupled with accumulated thought about a situation. In other words, the person relaxes long enough for those previous thoughts and considerations to come together in a logical manner and hand over the solution.

abstract_2008012903-1113int.epsThe key is relaxation. Many people meditate to find solutions. That activity works well for problem solving. Playing games or working puzzles does too. Varied forms of relaxation operate more effectively for different people.

For me, solitaire, in several forms, mahjong, jigsaw puzzles, etc. work especially well. Playing pen and paper games do, too; hangman is a great example. Play hangman in your head with someone else and serve several purposes; strengthen your memory, play with words you might not otherwise use, and relax.

But my problem is more complicated than that or more serious.

If that’s the case, you have even more reason to relax. Take a leap and brainstorm with someone you trust. Brainstorming is a kind of mind game that allows for free association and solutions on the fly. Give yourself a break. If you can’t come up with your own solution, another person might. That person can see from a different perspective, because their experience and life is different from yours. Take advantage of the opportunity. If you think about it, the old adage of “two heads are better than one” comes from the practice of brainstorming.

Whatever avenue a person takes, there is value in giving the mind a time out and doing something that seems like a waste of time. It’s been observed that when you see a successful person “staring into thin air” and “doing” nothing, what you don’t see is the problem solving or innovation that’s going on inside that person’s head.

Single standing robot. Black background

Single standing robot. Black background

Daydreamers give all of us our world. An idling mind may be designing the next big transportation solution, the next medical cure, or the newest symphony.

It’s okay to look idle. It’s okay to feel idle. The key is allowing our creative minds the freedom to explore solutions and innovation.

Until next time, a bientot,


P.S. I’ve got a hot game of mahjong to finish. See ya later.

The Reflection Pool based on the Pool by Alex Watson

The Ides of May, Well Almost

Hello, everyone!

It feels like forever and a day since I last posted an entry on Two Voices, One Song. The proverbial rug was pulled from under my feet back in February. It totally rocked my world – work, family and home.

Here I sit, a mere 10 weeks from that event, and so much Light has transpired from the ordeal. At the end of March, I kicked off my own business Reclaim Your Bliss. By April, I joined a community of 44 amazingly spiritual women (creators, writers, healers, teachers, coaches, photographers and the list goes on). The inspiration, love and support has been out of this world transformational.

Through this process of pulling back from routine and transforming it into ritual and through the affirmations of ease and grace, I simply had to step back from my Poetry 365 project and re-evaluate my own publication trajectory through the writing and poetry. I believe Poetry 365 is a very important personal project which I will return to when the conditions are right for that creative exercise.

Now though, I am fueled by an internal fire to write 6 specific books. At this point, I can share that I am actively assembling my first poetry book ever. There will be 3 other books which will follow closely on its heels. I am beyond elated and grateful that the muse is back. I missed her during her absence. Little did I know at the time that she was busy traveling through time and space to collect writing seeds which are a perfect fit for me. In the future, I shall welcome her absences with joy and excitement as opposed to lamentations and sadness.

Everything happens for a reason. This has been reinforced over and over again, especially in the past 10 weeks. For now, my muse and I would like to share the following editorial calendar:

  1. The Reflection Pool (every other Saturday)
  2. Writing Updates (the other Saturdays)
  3. Pause for Poetry (monthly)
    1. 1st Monday
    2. 2nd Tuesday
    3. 3rd Wednesday
    4. 4th Thursday

See you next week on 3rd Wednesday.


Claudsy’s Blog—Readying for a Publishing Summer


While I’ve been slow in posting to this blog in the past few weeks, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in manuscript development, revision, and editing. There are now several projects set up for publishing this summer. 

My first effort on Kindle, Short Tales of Twisted Wishes—Vol. 1, is a chapbook of flash fiction. The title hints at Book Cover 02the macabre nature of most of the stories inside. These are filled with magic, the paranormal, and the just plain eerie. It was great fun writing all of them. Some you may have seen before, but several are all new, written especially for this book.

Next up on my schedule is the collected memoirs of characters from my cozy women’s mystery, Dreamie’s Box. And you’re right. It’s not often a reader gets to see memoirs of a character, but it seemed like such a fun project that I couldn’t resist. It will be coming out in June on Kindle. I’m really looking forward to that one.

For July, I’ll be launching the first volume, a novella, for my episodic high-fantasy series, Wisher’s World. Thorn PuzzleComposing an Apprentice, as it’s titled, is the beginning of a much larger story. New apprentice Reibe starts his world tour with the Master Trader Cleone at her home in Theusa. New cultural quirks, confusion, and intrigue all play their parts in the coming of age tale.

August has another Short Tales volume in its sights, with a different theme than the first chapbook. The second book will center of misconception and misunderstanding. Some of the effects will have interesting consequences.



During all of this hubbub, I will do a complete update on my short instruction booklet, How to Slay a Writer’s Dragon. It will get a facelift with a new cover, added material, and a new title. I’ll be sure to post that one so any who want to see it, can find it easily.

As you can tell, I have many projects that are current. I haven’t clued everyone in on all of those projects yet. Many are going to publishers elsewhere, either in magazine form or children’s publishers. Why am I doing this all of a sudden?

My reasons all come down to spring cleaning. I have a hard drive filled to overflowing with projects that haven’t been sent out. They’re hammering and yammering at the door to be let out into the sunshine. So, I’m giving them their wish. I’m sending stories, articles, poems, etc. out just as fast as I can get them ready and still maintain some semblance of sanity.

I’ll drop in here once a week to give you all an update of matters. Until then, I’ll keep the channels open and my ears on. If anyone has questions or comments, please leave them below. I’ll get them and answer them.

Have a great rest of the week, folks. Take care and give yourselves a break once in a while. I’ve finally learned that it’s the only way to stay healthy and get anything done.

Until next time,


Claudsy’s Blog—Need to Reprogram Your Brain?


Hands on ComputerMany programs out in the ether zone claim to reprogram your brain for better productivity, greater creativity, a more stress-free life. These are usually accompanied by MP3 downloads for listening and/or viewing. The practice isn’t new or different from what you’ve lived with all your life.

What do I mean?

Well, stop and think about it. We begin life hearing murmuring sounds from outside our mothers’ bodies. We learn our language, whatever form it takes, by listening to and watching those around us on a minute-to-minute basis. We learn our habits, our morals, and our culture simply by observing what goes on around us and hearing how that operation works.

That, my friends, is programming of the brain. We’re born with certain abilities, on an individual basis. The rest—all of the knowledge that activates those abilities—is programming. Congratulations, you’re a biological computer!

Rush HourNow that you’ve patted yourself on the back for that accomplishment, think about this. All of that knowledge came with a built-in soundtrack. Yes, the movie that is your life came with a soundtrack; one not of your own making. And that soundtrack helped program you in ways separate from knowledge.

Caveat: For those born with profound deafness, the programming sequence and execution is different from those born with adequate hearing. I’m not speaking now for the deaf.

Back to the music director of your life. It’s called the world and media. From traffic noise to the bird song of the great outdoors, the world programs many of our auto-responses. The sight of a near traffic accident teaches us to recognize that danger, but it’s the squealing of brakes that makes us cringe. After a few “lessons,” we no longer have to see the event. All that’s necessary is the sound of brakes squealing. Pavlov’s dogs have nothing on us.

abstract-musical-notes-background_MJS0eqv_Like the traffic lessons, music plays a far greater role in our emotional lives than we realize. A movies soundtrack or theme song will transport us back into our favorite scenes from the film. Theme songs from iconic TV shows do the same thing—to the point where we have only to hear a few notes to hop on that transport for a mental ride.

Constantly-playing music in malls and stores, offices and car radios keep us moving along on autopilot; at least from an emotional standpoint. We tend to equate certain songs with specific people, events, and moods. A couple’s song exemplifies a specific event in their lives; like when they knew they loved each other.

We’ve all heard enough of what’s termed martial music to recognize an army’s march into battle, or the soothing ballads that take us back to our childhoods. Each type of music has its impact on our brain’s programming. The odd part is, every day we reprogram it a bit more.

Forest road. Landscape.And if you don’t believe me, try to go one day without listening to any music at all. How long does it take you to start humming to yourself? What do you hum?

Me? I can’t write without music. Instrumental music allows my Muse to create scenes in my head. The type of music determines what I write. It’s taken time for me to catch on to how my words are influenced by the various types and tempos of music, but I must have the stimulation.

How does your music stimulate you? Drop a comment here and let us know.

Until then, I’m diving into Dragon Storm. I have fantasy to write today.

A bientot,





Poetry 365: The ABC’s of You


Over at, we are asked to write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet.

The ABC’s of You

By: Meena Rose

Authentic, beautifully charismatic
Divine, essentially fine
Grateful heart, intuitive joy
Kindred lover
Magnificent nirvana
Outstanding pleasure
Quiet radiance
Serene transformation
Uniquely vital
Wondrous eXcitment
Yearningly zen


Poetry 365: The Heart Of Me


Over at, we are asked to write a calligram. A calligram is a poem where the shape of the poem is as important as the words it contains.

Given that my calligraphy is not where it needs to be pull off what I saw in my mind’s eye and what came out on the paper. I opted to take a different approach.

The Heart Of Me

By: Meena Rose
Calligram: The Heart Of Me

Calligram: The Heart Of Me


Poetry 365: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Over at, we are asked to write a palinode. Simply stated, a palinode is a poem in which the poet retracts a statement made in an earlier poem.

For this challenge, I have decided to use the last poem I’d written for a 20 part autobiographical poetry series back in the Spring of 2013. The poem was aptly titled “Famous Last Words“.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

By: Meena Rose

So the story goes
The same life lesson will
Rock that boat
Over and over and over
Till the epiphany

Change starts within –
A decision to take control
That begins by letting go –
The parachute of forgiveness
Breaks the free fall.


Poetry 365: Social Lubricants


Over at, we are asked to write about money.

Social Lubricants

By: Meena Rose

Perhaps I shall launder the money tonight and
Give it a good scrub and a wash behind the ears;
Then again, perhaps I will just stand back and
Look in the mirror and figure out what’s real.

Perhaps, society’s labels simply need to fade;
All this rage about 1 percenters and I seriously
Thought – this can’t be about milk, can it?
Perhaps, being Monday’s quarterback

Opining about the use and flow of money and the
Economic diversity needs a new script;
Replace the if only and the I just can’t;
Toss out the money makes you greedy and the I’m not worth it;

The collective amplifies – how about a shift?
The change starts with me – Money,
I readily welcome you into my life and together
We will help the world.