Claudsy’s Blog—Need to Reprogram Your Brain?


Hands on ComputerMany programs out in the ether zone claim to reprogram your brain for better productivity, greater creativity, a more stress-free life. These are usually accompanied by MP3 downloads for listening and/or viewing. The practice isn’t new or different from what you’ve lived with all your life.

What do I mean?

Well, stop and think about it. We begin life hearing murmuring sounds from outside our mothers’ bodies. We learn our language, whatever form it takes, by listening to and watching those around us on a minute-to-minute basis. We learn our habits, our morals, and our culture simply by observing what goes on around us and hearing how that operation works.

That, my friends, is programming of the brain. We’re born with certain abilities, on an individual basis. The rest—all of the knowledge that activates those abilities—is programming. Congratulations, you’re a biological computer!

Rush HourNow that you’ve patted yourself on the back for that accomplishment, think about this. All of that knowledge came with a built-in soundtrack. Yes, the movie that is your life came with a soundtrack; one not of your own making. And that soundtrack helped program you in ways separate from knowledge.

Caveat: For those born with profound deafness, the programming sequence and execution is different from those born with adequate hearing. I’m not speaking now for the deaf.

Back to the music director of your life. It’s called the world and media. From traffic noise to the bird song of the great outdoors, the world programs many of our auto-responses. The sight of a near traffic accident teaches us to recognize that danger, but it’s the squealing of brakes that makes us cringe. After a few “lessons,” we no longer have to see the event. All that’s necessary is the sound of brakes squealing. Pavlov’s dogs have nothing on us.

abstract-musical-notes-background_MJS0eqv_Like the traffic lessons, music plays a far greater role in our emotional lives than we realize. A movies soundtrack or theme song will transport us back into our favorite scenes from the film. Theme songs from iconic TV shows do the same thing—to the point where we have only to hear a few notes to hop on that transport for a mental ride.

Constantly-playing music in malls and stores, offices and car radios keep us moving along on autopilot; at least from an emotional standpoint. We tend to equate certain songs with specific people, events, and moods. A couple’s song exemplifies a specific event in their lives; like when they knew they loved each other.

We’ve all heard enough of what’s termed martial music to recognize an army’s march into battle, or the soothing ballads that take us back to our childhoods. Each type of music has its impact on our brain’s programming. The odd part is, every day we reprogram it a bit more.

Forest road. Landscape.And if you don’t believe me, try to go one day without listening to any music at all. How long does it take you to start humming to yourself? What do you hum?

Me? I can’t write without music. Instrumental music allows my Muse to create scenes in my head. The type of music determines what I write. It’s taken time for me to catch on to how my words are influenced by the various types and tempos of music, but I must have the stimulation.

How does your music stimulate you? Drop a comment here and let us know.

Until then, I’m diving into Dragon Storm. I have fantasy to write today.

A bientot,





Poetry 365: The ABC’s of You


Over at, we are asked to write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet.

The ABC’s of You

By: Meena Rose

Authentic, beautifully charismatic
Divine, essentially fine
Grateful heart, intuitive joy
Kindred lover
Magnificent nirvana
Outstanding pleasure
Quiet radiance
Serene transformation
Uniquely vital
Wondrous eXcitment
Yearningly zen


Poetry 365: The Heart Of Me


Over at, we are asked to write a calligram. A calligram is a poem where the shape of the poem is as important as the words it contains.

Given that my calligraphy is not where it needs to be pull off what I saw in my mind’s eye and what came out on the paper. I opted to take a different approach.

The Heart Of Me

By: Meena Rose
Calligram: The Heart Of Me

Calligram: The Heart Of Me


Poetry 365: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Over at, we are asked to write a palinode. Simply stated, a palinode is a poem in which the poet retracts a statement made in an earlier poem.

For this challenge, I have decided to use the last poem I’d written for a 20 part autobiographical poetry series back in the Spring of 2013. The poem was aptly titled “Famous Last Words“.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

By: Meena Rose

So the story goes
The same life lesson will
Rock that boat
Over and over and over
Till the epiphany

Change starts within –
A decision to take control
That begins by letting go –
The parachute of forgiveness
Breaks the free fall.


Poetry 365: Social Lubricants


Over at, we are asked to write about money.

Social Lubricants

By: Meena Rose

Perhaps I shall launder the money tonight and
Give it a good scrub and a wash behind the ears;
Then again, perhaps I will just stand back and
Look in the mirror and figure out what’s real.

Perhaps, society’s labels simply need to fade;
All this rage about 1 percenters and I seriously
Thought – this can’t be about milk, can it?
Perhaps, being Monday’s quarterback

Opining about the use and flow of money and the
Economic diversity needs a new script;
Replace the if only and the I just can’t;
Toss out the money makes you greedy and the I’m not worth it;

The collective amplifies – how about a shift?
The change starts with me – Money,
I readily welcome you into my life and together
We will help the world.


Poetry 365: Life on Berlioz St.


Over at, we are asked to write an aubade or a morning poem.

I had written another morning poem back in 2012. You can read it here.

Life on Berlioz St.

By: Meena Rose

I would trade in much;
What I miss is my East facing window;
Long before I knew the words for it,
I greeted the Sun.

My soul readied for its awakening
And my heart pulsed – renewed purpose
And a renewed promise – a new day broke
As I welcomed it with a smile.

Like the pigeons roosting outside my window,
I stilled myself – an it will never get too
Old awe took over – as the first rays danced
Upon the river.


Poetry 365: Emily’s Bliss


Over at, we are asked to perform some plastic surgery on one of Emily Dickinson’s poems. I chose I dwell in Possibility to be my source inspiration.

Emily’s Bliss

By: Meena Rose

I dwell in the house of Possibility;
A fairer House than Prosed Verse and Versed Prose;
More numerous of windows – the Soul cannot hide;
And more superior for Doors between the planes;
Cedars impregnable, Sentinel is on hand;
An everlasting Roof expands to hold on to Sky;
Visitors stare and wonder, the question is in their eye;
A realistic possibility or a surrealistic improbability;
Let experience be the judge as I spread wide
My narrow hands to gather Bliss.


Poetry 365: Purple Moon Steaks


Over at, the challenge is to write a love poem without using the word “love” or the other clichés such as robins, hearts and flowers. The goal is not to sound like a greeting card.

Purple Moon Steaks

By: Meena Rose

And so I knew just then
That I wasn’t meant to do it all;
Dinner was made and set on the table
While Adam Hurst helped seal the moment;
A smile greeted my astonished face
As he rounded the corner wearing my apron.

Red wine in full bloom;
Two delicately balanced stems;
There was no need for words that night –
A silence that spoke of knowing;
A trust that simply spread;
A search that decided it was over.


Poetry 365: A New Pact


Over at, the prompt is to write a fourteener which is a poem that can have any number of lines, but each line should have fourteen syllables.

A New Pact (Fourteener)

By: Meena Rose

We always obsess about the how, the when and the why
Of things and we forget about the why not and the dream;
When we’re stuck in the quicksand of life, we’re caught by surprise
But we never question that why, only why me why now.

So we swirl amidst the cosmic algae, tricked by motion,
Lulled into inaction, commiseration becomes art;
This I, who was once a we, will do this no more and I
Am not alone, will you join me and honor your dreams?


Poetry 365: Cosmic Fireflies


Over at, we are asked to turn our gaze upwards and write about the stars.

Cosmic Fireflies

By: Meena Rose

They twinkle for you and for me;
A celestial line dance of the first degree;

Down here on Earth, we’re filled with mystery;
Curious about speculative history;

I beg to differ, I disagree;
They’re cosmic fireflies of the finest pedigree;

They dance, shimmer and just be;
They’re teaching us to be wild and free.